Monday, April 22, 2013

Where to next???

When we get to the point when devices don't matter anymore what is the real thing that the whole digital revolution is going to deliver.  A digital device in every students hand is just the start, it opens the door for those of us that understand the other aspects of technology to give real guidance to our schools about what can be achieved.

The things which are giving business the biggest bonuses from IT are not replacing the secretaries Typewriter with a Word Processing PC.  The sort of advanced analytics that businesses are now starting to apply to their data will provide the next transformation of education. 

This is going to require far more acceptance within education of the vision of technology specialists as this revolution will happen away from the classroom to benefit the classroom.  Teachers will most likely not be the  drivers of these changes.  This is about delivering the promise that was proposed by the LMS but could not be delivered until every educational resource is digitally delivered, consumed and produced.